Quattro™  Flushing Technology

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St. Thomas Creations has long been recognized as a leader in the creation of beautifully crafted water closets. Now, with the introduction of the Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology™ high performance flushing system, we have once again raised the bar for product performance.


ECO Quattro is the most advanced flushing system on the market today. Designed for extraordinary flushing performance, it addresses the environmental efficiency and poor performance issues long associated with the use of 1.28-gallon water closets in the home.

Extra Large 3" Flush Valve.
•  125% larger than conventional valves, allowing maximum water force into the bowl.

Precision Rim Jets.
•  Computer-designed positioning to optimize bowl cleaning.

Direct-Fed Water Jet.
•  Delivers maximum water force, providing exceptional waste removal from the bowl.

Large 2-1/8" Glazed Trapway.
•  28% larger than industry standard, and designed to virtually eliminate clogging.

Best of all, Eco QUATTRO uses less than half the amount of water as traditional 3.5-gallon models. With Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology, 1.28-gallon water closets are more efficient than ever before.

So you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for performance ever again.